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Tuesday, June 06 2017

As Father’s Day approaches, the search for the perfect gift is on. Although bath salts usually come to mind for Mother’s Day, these relaxing bath salts are everything our dads need to treat themselves. Check out these 6 most-loved bath salts that make the perfect Father’s Day gifts!

The dad who doubles as the home chef deserves the “Home Chef” Gourmet Trio

Top chefs around the world use only high-quality ingredients. So, why not gift dad some unique gourmet salts to experiment with in the kitchen? This trio of gourmet sea salts combines delicious flavors so he can create culinary dishes! 

The dad who is known as the grilling master deserves the BBQ 3-Pack Trio

If dad is always looking for a reason to fire up the barbeque, then this is the gift for him! This trio combines three flavorful salts including spicy Sriracha, bold Hickory Smoked, and tangy Chili Lime. We know he’ll have fun experimenting with these salts!

The hardworking dad deserves Zen for Men

The dad that’s always got work on his mind would probably appreciate a moment away from his laptop and phone. Bring the ultimate spa experience home to dad with this deluxe foaming bath salt. Zen For Men is an all-natural formula made with a manly musk scent to help unwind his mind and relax his body.

The dad who spends his free time at the gym deserves Epsoak SPORT

If he hit the gym hard, he's definitely heard of Epsom salt through other athletes. Pro-athletes often float in Epsom salt to help boost muscle recovery, and although floating can be time-consuming, an at-home Epsom salt bath can do just the job!  Epsoak SPORT is premium grade Epsom salt blended with essential oils and is the best post-workout recovery for dad! 

The dad who works in the outdoors deserves Minera Dead Sea Salt

No matter how tough his skin is, if he has a labor-intensive job he probably needs a break. Minera Dead Sea Salt can revive his skin to leave him feeling nourished and taken care of. This spa-like experience also gives him a moment of peace in the tub!

The dad who just needs a break deserves Epsoak Muscle Soak

We all deserve a break once in a while – especially our dads! If you’re just not sure what to gift dad this year, you can’t go wrong with a simple bag of Epsoak Muscle Soak. Muscle Soak is an all-natural remedy to soothe tired muscles and just give dad some “me-time” that he probably doesn’t even realize he needs! 

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